Amish Tours Near Lancaster PA

Experience the Delights

of Amish Country

Experience the Delights of Amish Country

When you envision an idyllic trip to Lancaster, PA, you almost certainly imagine the hallmarks of the local Amish community: quaint farms, horse-drawn buggies, and beautiful crafts. Home to one of the largest Amish populations in the United States, the Lancaster area is well known for its rich heritage and vast farms. You'll see Amish residents going about their day as you head to a variety of iconic attractions, several of which are centered around long-held traditions.

If you're especially eager to learn about the local Amish community and way of life, you'll definitely want to schedule a tour. This will provide intriguing insights into these hardworking folks and the traditions they hold dear. This is the most respectful way to learn about Lancaster's Amish population.

In general, it's frowned upon to stare, take photos, or knock on locals' doors. With tours, however, you get an approved glimpse of the Amish lifestyle. This is a must when you visit Amish Country, as we'll explain below.

Can You Visit Amish Towns?

Technically, all towns near Lancaster are Amish towns to some extent, as the Amish make up a significant portion of the local population. For that reason, the answer is yes, you can definitely visit the towns that Pennsylvania's Amish residents frequent. Along with Lancaster itself, other top Amish towns within Lancaster County include Ronks, Manheim, and Bird-in-Hand.

Chances are, however, your concept of the 'typical' Amish town actually involves an Amish village. You're in luck: within the town of Ronks, you'll find a popular destination known as The Amish Village, where you can take a step back in time, as we'll discuss later.

Where Do Amish Tours Take Place?

The question "Where are the Amish in Lancaster PA? is easy to answer: you'll see Amish community members everywhere you go. If, however, you're hoping for the most traditional experience possible, you'll find the most charming atmosphere in towns such as Ronks and Bird-in-Hand. Some of these tours are based at a specific farm or historic village, while others depart their home base and cover a lot of ground, taking visitors through the most scenic parts of Lancaster County.

Types of Amish Tours

Types of Amish Tours

No one approach to touring is appropriate for every Lancaster visitor. A lot depends on your schedule and your attention span. The specific mode of transportation must also be considered, as well as your intention to complete the tour with friends, kids, or as a fun day out with your significant other.

As you determine which tour is best for you and your loved ones, ask yourself a few key questions:

  • Are you interested enough in the Amish lifestyle to dedicate a significant portion of your day to a detail-oriented tour? Or do you prefer a brief and limited overview?

  • Would you rather walk so you can see a few Amish structures up close? Or would you like to hang out in a bus or buggy as you enjoy panoramic views of Amish country?

  • Will you be accompanied by children? How big of an attention span do they have?

Depending on your unique preferences and schedule, you may find yourself gravitating toward one of these local favorites:

The Amish Village

Centered around an authentic Amish farmhouse constructed during the 1840s, The Amish Village also has a barn, a schoolhouse, and even a blacksmith shop.

Employing both current and former members of the Amish community, this village provides accurate information through interactions with staff members and exploration of its 12-acre property.

  • Backroads bus tour. Hop on a comfy bus for a narrated tour of Amish Country. This is a wonderful option for anybody who might struggle to navigate the Amish Village property by foot. You'll gain a well-rounded understanding of Amish customs as you look out the large windows at the picturesque countryside.

  • Farmhouse & village tours. If you're not interested in the bus ride or suspect that your children would struggle, you can stick with the farmhouse and village, where you'll take a short guided tour or simply wander around at your own pace. This is by far the most affordable option, with tickets available for purchase onsite.

  • Premium packages. If you struggle to choose between bus and village tours, you're in luck — with a premium package, you can enjoy both experiences. Set aside several hours for this immersive option, which includes not only the aforementioned 90-minute narrated bus tour, but also, a self-guided tour of the grounds, and a tour of the schoolhouse and outbuildings.

Aaron & Jessica's Buggy Rides

If you've always been drawn to Amish buggy tours Lancaster PA is the place to visit. Head for Plain & Fancy Farm, where Aaron & Jessica's Buggy Rides take off. This has been the home base for the Lancaster area's best buggy rides for over four decades.

Rides of all lengths are available, with the shortest jaunts starting at just 20 minutes. The horses are friendly and well cared for, with featured breeds including American Standardbred and American Saddlebred. If you're interested in taking a ride, consider one of these top routes:

  • Cookie Run. This kid-friendly option involves a brief visit to a farm stand, where you can purchase cookies, pretzels, root beer, and more.

  • Amish Farm Tour. Enjoy a more extensive overview of Amish farm life with this one-hour tour, which incorporates not only the beloved farm stand, but also barn tours and up-close greetings with the cows, horses, and mules.

  • Amish Journey. For the most intimate buggy experience available, book the Amish Journey. This ride can last a full two hours, carrying you through miles of lovely farmland. You'll witness a water-powered flour mill, a farm store, and more.

  • The Sunday Ride. As its name implies, this exclusive journey is available only on Sundays, when many Amish families conduct church. For this reason, you may spot several carriages gathered at specific farms along this route.

The Amish Farm & House

As the nation's very first Amish-focused tourist attraction, The Amish Farm set the precedent and continues to be a leader in the Amish tour space. It all began with a great idea from local entrepreneur Adolf Neuber, who realized that visitors would enjoy learning the ins and outs of Amish life.

Once owned by an Amish family, the farm is over three centuries old. The vast majority of the staff members who conduct tours are natives of Lancaster County. Several have interacted or even worked closely with the region's Amish residents. These experts bring both extensive knowledge and undeniable charm to the table.

Top tour options at this location include:

  • Bus tours. Available both as classic tours and with premium packages, these rides last 90 minutes andalso provide the opportunity to explore the farm and schoolhouse upon returning to the main location. The premium option includes both a bus tour and a guided farmhouse tour.

  • Guided farmhouse tour. If you like the idea of attending an Amish tour but aren't ready to schedule your visit, this is your best bet. The guided tours at The Amish Farm do not involve reservations, so you can show up when you're ready to check out the 1805 farmhouse.

  • Seasonal tours. From summer picnics to holiday cookie sampling, The Amish Farm offers several exclusive tours that hold a great deal of seasonal charm. These range in price but typically last three hours.

Amish Tours With Kids

Kids are welcome on many tours of Amish country, although there are definitely some restrictions. The Amish Farm, for example, recommends skipping its farmhouse tour if you're accompanied by babies or toddlers, who will almost certainly lack the attention span for this particular experience.

Thankfully, The Amish Farm offers a special farm-only pass that should keep youngsters entertained for hours. The Cookie Run with Aaron & Jessica is also a compelling option for young children.

Hotels for Amish Tours Lancaster PA

As you plan the ultimate day in Amish Country, don't forget about your accommodations. The right hotel or resort can instantly level up your Lancaster experience.

If you crave a taste of modernity after immersing yourself in Amish culture, you'll be thrilled to spend the evening in a contemporary resort, where you can relax by the pool or enjoy a delicious meal. If you visit with kids, you'll find it easy to burn up their energy before they're forced to sit still for bus or buggy tours.

The Eden Resort & Suites is an excellent option, as it places you within easy access to Lancaster's many Amish tours, Dutch Wonderland, Sight & Sound, Hersheypark and other attractions. After a busy day, you can return to the Eden Resort and relax in style. Onsite dining is a chief perk, particularly if you don't want to put in the work of preparing a picnic. You'll also appreciate your spacious suite or villa, which includes homey touches to make you and your loved ones feel as comfortable as possible.

Experience the Best of Amish Country

There should never be any question about what to do in Amish Country PA. With so many wonderful tours available, you could easily keep yourself occupied with buggies, bus rides, and village visits. Of course, there are plenty of other options in and around Lancaster — and the Eden Resort places you near the best of the best. Book your visit today or get in touch to chat about our upscale accommodations.

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