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History of the Eden Resort

History of the Eden Resort

In June 1972, the Eden Resort & Suites opened as an independently owned 181-room Treadway Resort Inn, and it has remained independently owned since then. The hotel has had the same local owner since 1983; this owner started as the manager of the hotel in 1977. The owner’s philosophy is to create a first-class destination resort for vacationers, groups, business travelers, and extended-stay individuals by focusing on the overall customer experience and by continually renovating and improving the hotel.

With annual capital expenditures typically between at least $2.5 and $3 million, the Eden Resort has renovated and improved in numerous ways over the years (e.g., expanding to 300 rooms, adding villas and multi-room suites, and installing an environmentally friendly combined heat and power unit that significantly reduced the hotel’s carbon footprint).

The following is a brief description of the hotel’s history, including many of the renovations and improvements:



We added a new, second heated outdoor pool (Oasis Pool) to go along with our other heated outdoor pool (Fountain Pool) and Kids Splash Zone, and we added cabanas to both outdoor pools.

We opened a new restaurant--Bistro 2two2.


Enlarged the children’s play area and replaced the playground equipment with new, expanded equipment.


Rebuilt and enlarged one of the Villa buildings and completed the installation of new paver walkways throughout the Villas. In addition, renovated the outdoor grilling and picnic area and installed new gas grills.


Sixteen total Villas in two residential-style suite buildings were completely renovated, including getting new kitchens and gas fireplaces. A new outdoor area with a beautiful pergola and firepit was added in the center of all Villas. In addition, the Eden Resort began the installation of new paver walkways throughout the Villas.


The Eden Resort opened the Regency Garden Terrace, a beautiful outdoor wedding and meeting venue that can accommodate up to 180 people. In addition, 33 guest rooms were redesigned and renovated.

Sixteen total Villas in two residential-style suite buildings were completely renovated, including getting new kitchens and gas fireplaces.

Some parking spaces were designated as “green” spaces with electric car chargers.


The redesigned (and renamed) Regency Terrace Wing opened. The enhancements to this west wing of the hotel included the complete redesign and renovation of 51 guest rooms, with the third floor now designated as an “adult only” floor for the exclusive use of those at least 18 years old. All of these rooms have entirely new bath areas with fully glass-enclosed tile and stone showers for all rooms with a king bed and beautiful new tub/shower combinations in all rooms with two queen beds. One of the neatest features of these rooms is the technology package. Each room has a large flat-screen TV capable of displaying any content from a guest's portable device, high-speed Wi-Fi and wired connections throughout, touch lighting, and printer/fax/scan equipment (along with an ergonomic desk chair), perfect for guests here on business.

To further enhance our guest’s comfort and experience, a new more spacious elevator and a beautiful and functional porte-cochere (i.e., covered entrance) were also installed in the Regency Terrace Wing. Extensive exterior façade and landscaping upgrades were the final touches to the resort improvements.


The Eden Resort installed an environmentally friendly combined heat and power unit (CHP). According to the EPA, almost two-thirds of the energy used to create electricity is typically wasted, but a CHP captures that wasted energy to produce heat and electricity. The Eden Resort’s CHP provides virtually all of the hotel’s heating needs and at least 70% of the hotel’s electricity needs and has allowed the Eden Resort to significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

The Eden added 17 new guest rooms and suites in the main hotel building, including 10 additional 500-square-foot two-room suites (i.e., Two-Room King Suite and Two-Room Queen (“Family”) Suite), 2 additional 720-square-foot two-room “flat” suites (i.e., the One-Bedroom Premier Suite), and 4 newly designed 1,300-square-feet suites, each with two bedrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen, a dining area, a living room, a gas fireplace, and a washer and dryer (i.e., the Two-Bedroom Premier Suite).


The Eden Resort unveiled the completely redesigned Grande Ballroom, renaming it the Crystal Ballroom as a result of the gorgeous crystal chandeliers added to the room. It is the perfect location for a wedding or other event.


A fourth elevator was added to the south side of the building, in anticipation of adding 17 new guest rooms and suites.


The Eden Resort’s new Outdoor Recreation Complex opened with a brand-new heated outdoor pool (with in-pool seats, back and leg spa jets, and zero-entry pad with water fountain features), a 5,000-square-foot kids’ heated water zone spray park, a children’s dry playground, billiards, ping-pong, putting green, lighted basketball half court, shuffleboard and bocce courts, dining areas (some with grill stations), and poolside food and beverage service.


Best Western Worldwide announced its descriptor program, in which it added a designation to its over 3,000 hotels in North America. The Eden Resort & Suites was accepted as Best Western’s very first “Premier” hotel in North America. The hotel was delighted in being approved to change its name to the Best Western Premier Eden Resort & Suites.

The Eden Resort opened a sixth residential-style building, adding eight more long-term guest Villas to its offerings. The additional suite building houses the largest and most modern guest Villas on the entire property. With 1,300 square feet and separate balconies and with the ability to accommodate up to eight people comfortably, these new Villas instantly became the hotel’s most popular room type.


All five residential-style suite buildings received a complete renovation of their interiors. The hotel decided to name these residential-style suites “Villas” to allow for a distinction between the hotel’s many suite options.

The Eden Resort renovated Lancaster’s most unique and beautiful wedding and event venue—The Courtyard. This three-story atrium (accented with twinkle string lights and a water fountain) got a facelift, including the addition of shadow rock and granite features to the walls, with the wall behind the fountain also getting glass features.


Realizing the popularity of the new suites added in 2006, the hotel undertook a second phase of converting an additional 20 standard guest rooms to two-room luxury suites. At the same time, the hotel decided to change its name once more to something more representative of the hotel’s different room types—Best Western Eden Resort & Suites.


Arthur’s Terrace Restaurant became even more elegant. Along with a new look throughout the restaurant, Arthur’s buffet area was completely redesigned, enhancing the already great breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffets.

The main lobby underwent a complete renovation, including the addition of a shadow rock double-sided gas fireplace, a contemporary front desk area, and new public restrooms.


The Eden Resort converted 72 standard guest rooms into two-room luxury suites, each with 500 square feet, including separate living room space and dual-sink vanity with plenty of counter space. These new suites were designed to specifically meet the needs of two different traveler categories: families and business travelers. The Eden has always been a leader in the business travel market, but it now appeals to both the “road warrior” with its standard guest room design and the manager or visiting client looking for a more spacious accommodation in a Two-Room King Suite. At the same time, many of the new suites were designed to appeal to the growing demand for rooms that accommodate families or other groups. These new Two-Room Queen Suites (“Family Suites”) have three queen beds and a sofa bed.


The rooms in the west wing of the hotel were completely renovated. Along with design changes, this renovation included removing the “under window” heat and air conditioning units and adding individually controlled central heat and air conditioning to each room (as all of the other hotel rooms already had).


Encore Lounge, previously known as Rumors and Club Mirage, moved into a space located directly adjacent to Arthur’s Terrace Restaurant. The vacated space became a new upscale banquet room—The Presidential Ballroom—designed specifically to accommodate weddings and other social events requiring a sophisticated atmosphere. Crystal chandeliers, a granite dance floor, tray ceiling with up-lit coffers, and automated lighting adorn the room.


Garfield’s got a complete redesign with a new interior, including the addition of a full-service bar, and a new exterior look. The addition of a built-in salad and buffet “bar” became a feature of the new Garfield’s.


Over this decade, the hotel focused on improving the quality of its services and products in every aspect. Food and beverage operations became an even larger focus, and the hotel’s efforts could best be seen in its already famous Champagne Sunday Brunch, which gained national notoriety. The changes to the hotel’s interior transformed this once “nice” property into an industry leader.


The hotel announced plans to join the Best Western family of hotels. At the time, Best Western was the world’s largest hotel chain and growing faster than any other hotel chain. The new name of the property became Best Western Eden Resort.

The hotel began construction of its fifth residential-style building, making minor upgrades from the original four residential-style buildings. Similar to its predecessors, the new building contains eight separate guest suites with full kitchens and fireplaces.


Two more residential-style buildings were built.


The hotel expanded into the extended-stay market by adding two new residential-style buildings adjacent to the outdoor pool. Each building contains eight suites, each with its own full kitchen and fireplace, designed to accommodate guests relocating or on temporary assignment to the area.


Garfield’s Restaurant was built, with entrances inside and outside the hotel.


The hotel added a new three-story building of 51 guest rooms and four new meeting/banquet rooms, all of which were attached to the main hotel. The addition of these 51 guest rooms made the Treadway one of the top three largest hotels in Lancaster and the second largest Treadway of the Northeastern chain.


A large outdoor pool was added.


The hotel opened as an independently owned 181-room Treadway Resort Inn. Its unique New Orleans theme featured a three-story tropical courtyard, an indoor pool with a sliding glass-domed roof, Bourbon Street restaurant, and 15,000 square feet of meeting space.