Pets are a part of our family.  For many of us, they are like our kids.  They love to be with us, they love to play, and they are great companions.  Unfortunately, when it comes to traveling and taking vacations, a lot of times you have to compromise; either they don’t get to go with you and have to stay at a local boarding place, or they come with but to the expense of your comfort.  Because this is the reality: not many hotels are pet-friendly, and those that are may not be of higher standard offering luxurious amenities you’d like; or, if they are luxurious, well then they tend to be expensive.

At Eden Resort & Suites, not only are we a pet-friendly hotel, we also believe that your pets should enjoy their vacation as much as you, and we make sure you all do!  So, now that your furry friends can come with, you can start planning your carefree vacation, without the worries of how your pets will be doing with you so far away.  And for your sweet pets, even the neighboring town is so far away, because they can’t see you, and they certainly cannot chat with you over the phone (well, most of them can’t, anyway).

Once you’ve arrived, let us take care of the details, and relax into what you’d like to do.  If you are an outdoors loving family, you’ll be happy to know there’s an abundance of places to go to together; hike and appreciate the nature, take a stroll around downtown Lancaster, or visit one of lovely villages and towns in Lancaster County.  You can enjoy the new scenery, and your doggies will definitely savor all the new smells!  And if your pet is into doggie parks, a visit to Lancaster City Dream Dog Park is worth your while; it’s pretty much a mini amusement park for canines, with sprawling hills, roller coaster bridges and fun water features.

If you like to explore Lancaster County by visiting Amish and other attractions, local museums, galleries, vineyards, breweries and restaurants, or, you’re here on business, worry not – your pet can make new friends at one of the area’s “Doggie Day Care” as you go about your day.  Also, while you’re enjoying our indoor or outdoor pool, a massage or another pampering service, your furry friends can get their own spa time at our Spa & Grooming.

It’ll all be fun and play, and making great memories together!

Here are the services we provide for the pets of our guests staying at The Eden Resort.

Hope to see you and your pets here soon!