We all have people in our lives who are older than us and for whom we care. In many societies, elders are considered the carriers of tradition, knowledge, and wisdom. There is a lot we can learn from older people if we take the time to listen. And yet, sometimes, the seniors are regarded with not enough attention and care.


Here are some wonderful ways to honor the elderly:


  1. Respect for the Aged Day

This year, celebrate the older people and show appreciation on September 19th!

Respect for the Aged Day originally started in 1947 in Japan as a designated public holiday celebrated annually to honor elderly citizens. It’s a national, paid holiday held on the 3rd Monday of September as of 2003, due to the Happy Monday System (creating three-day weekends for those with five-day work weeks). Its popularity spread nationwide in 1966.

Each year on this day, Japanese media features the elderly, reporting on the statistics and highlighting their oldest people. People give gifts to aged parents and grandparents and share a festive meal with them. Community volunteers distribute free lunch boxes to elderly people, and, in some places, younger people and school children dance and provide entertainment. The approach of “no-elderly-left-behind” means even the lonely get some attention.


  1. A Good Deed

How about doing something special for an older person in your life this September, or anytime, really!

Show appreciation for your grandparents by mowing their lawn; offer to go grocery shopping for them or for your elderly parents; take them to see a play. Or, maybe there’s a super nice old lady that has lived next door to you for a long time, yet you never really took the time to get to know her or do something nice for her.


  1. A Nice Surprise

How about a nice surprise in the form of a gift certificate to one of the Eden Resort’s restaurants, such as Champagne Brunch, Garfield’s, or Encore?

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Even better – join them and have a lovely meal together in one of these restaurants.

Or, perhaps you decide to go the extra mile and gift a night at the hotel to the elderly person or a couple in your life, so they can truly relax and enjoy life like they are meant to.

At the Eden Resort, they’ll feel the comfort, pampering, and a wonderful change of scenery from their everyday life, and they won’t even have to leave the hotel to find quality food.

Happy Respect for the Aged Day to everyone – we hope many elder people get a beautiful surprise and get to be celebrated!


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