Your wedding day is absolutely supposed to be special; and unique; and the best!

A magical day with the bride adorned in splendid and romantic garments, dancing with the love of her life into the sunset, surrounded by wonderful friends and family, fantastic ambience and décor, when dreams finally come true. So many special moments to be captured into this one day that needs to be exciting, fun, romantic, extraordinary.


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So, how do you make sure your wedding day in beautiful Lancaster PA is going to be everything you’ve ever imagined?

While many things play a big role in a great wedding, choosing a venue for your super special day is certainly one of the biggest.

There are certain logistics to be considered when it comes to wedding locations in Lancaster PA, such as:

• How spacious of a venue do you need depending on the number of your guests, what season, day and time of day you want to have your wedding, and are there any special requirements or accommodations you or your guests might need? These are some vital questions you need to answer as you start looking for wedding venues in Lancaster PA.

• Next big item – would you like a full service venue? Most of the time, full-service wedding venues will provide everything from tables and chairs to linens and catering supplies. Or, do you plan on taking care of every single detail to create that lifetime experience you want? If so, you need to know that a non-full service venue typically only provides the space and you will need to figure out all other pieces of the puzzle.

• It’s undoubtedly convenient, even comforting, to choose a venue that has an on-site Lancaster Wedding Professionals available to assist you with choosing your Florist, Baker, Photographer, Videographer, Entertainment and much more to bring magic to your event. And if you want to be treated like royalties on such a special occasion, you will want to seek a place that can offer you White Glove Service!

• Another important thing to consider is what wedding style you want. If you are drawn to modern sleek wedding, you probably want to stay clear of any country charm venues.

• Now, do you want or need accommodation for you love birds and for your guests, maybe for the big night or the whole weekend? How about other features to further enhance this special time in your life, such as a gorgeous swimming pool, sauna, Jacuzzi?

To celebrate your special day, your venue of choice should have all these elements. The Eden Resort & Suites is a marvelous place so suited for the perfect Lancaster PA wedding.

Conveniently located in Lancaster County, the Eden Resort offers several beautiful settings; so, whether you need an intimate dining room, a majestic ballroom, or a three-story atrium Courtyard, you’ll find that picture-perfect atmosphere well befitting to the ambiance of your special occasion.


Eden Courtyard


You can choose from their Lancaster Wedding Packages, or one can be custom-designed to meet your specific tastes.

The staff at the Eden Resort really know how to make you and your guests feel comfortable and special, and for everything to flow smoothly. They will work closely with you to plan the perfect event as you have envisioned.

Plus, overnight accommodations are provided for the bride and groom, including a delicious breakfast buffet served in Arthur’s Terrace Restaurant the following morning – so you can celebrate away, then embrace the night and relax, without ever having to leave the magic of the occasion!

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